There are certain sexual stigmas and beliefs that permeate our culture that create a certain belief about men and our intentions. All too often, we end up taking on those beliefs as our own! Some of those stereotypes have been true in the past, BUT, we are not defined by the past and we have a choice to RISE ABOVE our base desires. Tune into this week’s solocast, take the PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS, and join in the movement to truly shift this paradigm.

Show Notes:

There are certain sexual stigmas and beliefs that permeate our culture and they create a certain belief about men and our intentions.

Some of which are:

  • All men ONLY want one thing from women
  • All men are pigs
  • We can’t keep our dicks in our pants

Sound familiar? Have you even started to believe this about yourself?

Here’s something that will set us all free:

  • You are not your thoughts.
  • You are not your conditioning.
  • We have a choice to rise above our base desires, to become BIGGER than our biology, and override all the beliefs and expectations that society has put on us men.
  • Media is capitalizing on the impulses and conditioning of men
  • Utilizing beautiful women and sexualized depictions to grab our attention and direct it towards one thing…SEX!
  • This does not have to be the case…BUT, we each need to make the decision to rise above it.

In a culture where women are celebrating the freedom of baring their bodies and embracing their sexuality like never before, we as men are in a unique position to choose how we engage with women…starting with our own response to what is presented to us

  • On a practical level, why don’t we connect with a beautiful woman, tell her how radiant she is, and thank her for brightening our day INSTEAD of spying on her lustfully from a distance?
  • Why don’t we challenge ourselves to connect deeply with a woman, court her properly, and earn the honor of engaging in a sexual dialogue with her INSTEAD of retreating into a digital relationship with women we have no connection to?
  • Why don’t we create a culture that STARTS with safety for women INSTEAD of perpetuating a culture that leaves women feeling uneasy and unappreciated by their male counterparts?

In choosing to rise above our base desires, we also begin to shift the beliefs that men are sex-craved, perverts in search of only one thing.

  • We begin to create a new culture, a safe space where women can be beautiful AND men can drink in the beauty of the feminine without guilt or shame
  • As I prepare to welcome a daughter into the world, I ask myself how I may contribute to creating a safer world for her to feel beautiful in.
  • Now is the time men, now is our opportunity to create the safety our women deserve and to rise above our own baseline biology


  1. Have a courageous conversation with a beautiful woman
  2. Be sincere in your acknowledgements, and express how you appreciate her beauty and radiance without any expectation
  3. Simply let her feel safe to be beautiful, and wish her well in her day