RMP 071 - YOU Determine Your Worth with Glyn Money

The message is clear and to the point, but is often extremely difficult to follow: YOU determine your worth! We get trapped by thinking we will feel worthy after the compliment, award, million dollar bank account, or job title. But the truth is, we can ONLY create the most epic and everlasting joy by recognizing our own divine worth. Glyn Money, a rockstar coach in Mancave and content creating legend, shares his truth in this episode. Tune in and get inspired to say yes to your life!

Show Notes:

  • Serving the world vs seeking validation
  • Cultivate self worth from within, because nothing outside of us can fulfill us.
  • Whatever stage you are, it has to happen. No stage is better than another.
  • When you get clear on your values, you can serve at a much higher level
  • The greatest gift we can give is to show up as our most creative self – in whatever form of expression calls to us. It acts as permission slip for others to live out their inspirations.
  • Interrupt the pattern of our life to make the space for transformation.
  • The power of saying yes and embrace whatever is in front of you.
  • The immense growth that occurs when we put ourselves in the vortex of powerful people.
  • If you can see it in other people, it’s within you as well.
  • Biggest issue facing young men: knowing their value, and that their life has meaning and purpose.
  • Take the leap, and learn in the process
  • Failure is the Initiation for Success

Connect with Glyn:

Insta: glyncashmoney

Website: glynmoney.com

YouTube: Glyn Money