“Slow down the pace of acquiring knowledge and experiences … give your consciousness and emotional body time to DIGEST!”

Winter is upon us! Will you heed your biological cues and slow down with Mother Nature? It ain’t easy in our hustle bustle based society, but giving ourselves time to anchor stillness now will actually enable vigorous Summer growth. Living lockstep with seasonal cycles is a largely forgotten, seemingly magical technology – it literally creates HARMONY. Listen in and find out what this Winter Solstice has to teach and offer. 

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[07:04] When does the NEW YEAR truly begin? Why does it even matter?

[13:48] Why growth requires rest and how to listen to your heart’s request.

[19:02] Where do you make time EACH DAY for a mini Winter? Do you give yourself time for recovery?

[26:23] Is there an internal or physical migration you can make to honor the Winter and the West?

[29:11] Can you bring more reverence to life’s natural cycles?

[34:30] How to tap into life’s harmonics and frequencies.

[39:57] Why honoring your body’s desire for rest now will equate with more vigorous growth in the Summer.

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