“Why am I going to commit to something if I don’t feel it brings LOVE to the world?”


Frustrated with the state of the world and want to create meaningful impact? As our guest Jose Alejandro shares, it ALL begins with a genuine, service based intention. Jose works with men specifically on amplifying their transformational message, and his wisdom on this topic is unparalleled. We also explore the father-son dynamic, the importance of PLAY, and the secrets to resilient romantic relationships.

Fam Life is The Rising Man’s newest segment – focused on creating harmonious relationships, walking an authentic path, and amplifying the voices of men of color! Host Phil Gomez is a student of indigenous ways, men’s work leader, father, and husband with a beautiful intention for the world.


  • What are Jose’s core values? Why is it important to find our own set of values?
  • Why is play and lightness important to being a fully embodied man?
  • What are the ramifications of committing to a path that you don’t LOVE?
  • How has Jose maintained a healthy long term relationship?
  • Why Jose distinguishes between Love and love.
  • How did Jose overcome resentment towards his father and create a harmonious relationship?
  • What’s the most difficult phase in the father-son dynamic?
  • Are you aware of your generational trauma? 
  • Why the element of curiosity is vital to walking your unique path.
  • What is Jose’s advice to men looking for a change? 
  • Why resting is an act of rebellion.

Connect with Jose Alejandro:

Instagram || @rjose_alejandro – check out his “Intentional Impact” program and get your message out there!

Vision Fast || Jose is co-facilitating the next Rising Man vision fast on the EAST COAST!!