Episode 53 - F*** Your Ego, Ask For Help with Chris Bartl


Whether we are dealing with depression, suicide, a breakup, or financial issues, we usually hold ourselves in judgement and shame. This negative thought loop also affects our capacity to ask for the help and support we need, as we believe that others will harshly judge us. It takes true courage to be able to speak about our wounds to another, to let our true selves be seen. Chris Bartl, a seasoned Transformational Coach and health expert, guides us through the phases of transformation and inspires us to take loving action NOW!

Show Notes:

  • A man knows his role and purpose, while a boy wavers
  • The importance of mentorship for men, but especially for young men
  • Getting your child out of the over-protective bubble, and letting them learn by trial by error
  • Chris’s journey with being overweight and drug dependency issues.
  • The courage to ask for help can save your life.
  • What keeps us from asking for help? Mainly it’s the fear of judgement,
  • Phoenix Theory of Transformation – 4 phases to body or lifestyle transformation
  • First Phase: Awakening – some sort of traumatic event that catalyzes us into realizing we need a change
  • Second Phase: Fueling the Fire – anger and a firm desire to change.
  • Third Phase: Rise From the Ashes – Initial noticeable changes to motivate us
  • Fourth Phase: Fly Phoenix Fly – keeping the momentum going to integrate the new you
  • Learn to leverage fear, as it is not going to disappear
  • “Fuck your ego, ask for help”
  • Change is not randomly, magically going to happen to your life.
  • When you stay rigid and resistant to change, you will stay the same rock. If you go with the current, you flow will change you
  • Snow balling goals – one simple step at a time leads to massive change

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