Episode 47 - The Integrity of the Elders with Shawn Berry

Living in integrity is a baseline quality of the conscious man. When we pick and choose when to act in alignment, our power weakens. Our guest, Shawn Berry, shares his time tested wisdom on initiations, nature immersions, and much more.



  • Why our world has so many adults who are still boys
  • Embodiment – Living and acting as a man vs. simply thinking like one
  • Why we need to acknowledge that we all have unused potential
  • The ideal adult has their masculine/feminine in balance – we get to choose what that means for us
  • The power of generational support when coming of age
  • How technology can be detrimental to learning interpersonal skills
  • Make living in integrity a MUST rather than a decision to make.
  • How to gain the courage to jump into a fully connected and embodied lifestyle
  • “Be yourself” isn’t just cliche advice, but learning to live it takes patience and guidance

We’re excited to have introduced you all to Shawn – as he will help facilitate the next Elements training!!!

Shawn’s main project is Our First Nature – which includes mentorship, nature immersions, community outreach, and much more. Find his website here, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook

Elements Initiation – Next event will take place from the 18th to the 20th in January

*-*-*Be on the lookout for Compass – which will be a 4 day 4 night vision quest in CA, sometime after the next Elements event in 2019.*-*-

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