Episode 40: Heroic Neurohacking with Titus Kahoutek

The most powerful technology on Earth is the human body. Thru our perception of emotions and sensations, we help shape reality both within our lives and the world at large. By employing intentional meditative and physical techniques, there is no limit on what we can become. The RMP community loved Titus Kahoutek so much that we brought him back as our first ever repeat guest. Learn even more about the brain – body connection and how to use our nervous system to navigate life skillfully.



  • Topics covered include debunking weight training myths, neurohacking 101, how life’s trauma’s get stuck in the body, the true power of the human being to create new realities, balancing active training with passive practices, the disease of separation, finding our inner hero, and how to deal with anxiety and “butterflies”.
  • Connecting the brain with the body can help discover the patterns keeping us from becoming heroes.
  • How to bring lost aspects of ourselves into a new context in the present moment
  • Time under tension produces adaptation. Active (bicep curls) and Passive (stretching) activities are equally beneficial.
  • How common weight training techniques lead to a less coordinated nervous system
  • Dealing with body dysmorphia and seeing the beauty in whatever body shape we were given
  • Why we deny our hero-nature and belittle the challenges and hardships we’ve been thru.
  • We can’t always fix the large worldly problems, but we can increase our sense of inter connectivity
  • The hidden benefits of movement practice
  • Our body is constantly sending us signals and too often we dismiss them as “negative”
  • Our two greatest tools to realizing our power as humans – Perception and Sensation
  • There is no positive or negative, just information. The information acts as an indicator to help guide us thru life
  • Using nutrition, movement, and meditation to create a harmonious body.
  • Rather than hiding our anxieties, honestly convey yourself to create an authentic human interaction.

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