“We throw ourselves into the fire because we TRUST in something higher than ourselves.” 

Relationships are the ultimate teacher, especially when you’ve built a family and vision together. NOBODY knows me as well as today’s guest, my wife, KARI AZUMA. Kari is a badass leader who guides women in rites of passage journeys, assists new mothers, and facilitates courageous feminine embodiment. We go deep in this one, sharing why the fundamentals like service, vision, and trust have allowed our relationship to THRIVE. We address key concerns such as how to navigate thru periods of low sexual connection, why perpetual overwhelm will lead to health problems, and how to find agreement when desires conflict. 


  • Why service, spirit, and growth have been key pillars in our relationship.
  • Is love enough? Is that all a relationship needs? 
  • Why desires can conflict and how to reach an agreement.
  • Is it difficult being married to a man committed to a massive vision?
  • How a woman can challenge and hold space for a man’s vision.
  • Why believing work has to be stressful holds us back.
  • How perpetual overwhelm eventually results in physical health issues.
  • What style of leadership does the Matriarch embody? How is it different from Kingship?
  • How to navigate thru times when sexual and romantic intimacy isn’t there.
  • Don’t compare your relationships to others!!!!!

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