It’s time to Stand on the shoulders of giants

This is not a membership, it’s extended family.

Be ready to become uplifted & stand on the shoulders of giants.


Join our international core of heart centered men

Are you ready to FINALLY unlock all that potential you’ve been holding onto and live your life ON YOUR TERMS?

We’ve gotchu! And you’ve got this!

We know how hard it can be to get yourself going.
All those myths about the “Self-Made Man” and “Lone Wolves” have really messed us up as men.
So have words and phrases like:

“Don’t be a pussy

“Man up!”
“Crying is for girls and sissies!”
“Figure it out on your own.”
“I did it by myself, so you should too!”

Society, parents, and guardians have NOT fully prepared us to step into manhood and to be adults in this world. We’ve all been there, and we know that trying to navigate the journey towards becoming a man can be confusing. Sometimes, it’s even hard to understand what it means to be a man… does that resonate with you?

What we know for sure is this:
By joining our international core of men,

  • Brotherhood and connection with other men
  • Safe space with the highest standard of integrity and honor
    that allows every man to be seen and heard without judgment
  • The accountability and support you’ve been struggling to find within yourself

We’re here to help you win in your life… plain and simple.




Are you a man who…


Is addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, masturbation, over-eating?


Is constantly battling depression, anxiety, lack of motivation… and never seeing an end in sight?


Struggles to keep the commitments and promises you make to others and, especially, to yourself?


Is afraid to take risks in your career, relationships, communication, and overall life purpose?


Is still trying to figure out what your LIFE PURPOSE really is?


Is always “getting ready to get ready”…never taking sustainable action towards things that matter to you?


Has never shared (or rarely have shared) the deepest traumas, challenges, and fears that eat you up inside


Is constantly getting started on new projects that begin with high energy and excitement, but soon fade away into nothing?


Hates his job, but doesn’t see any clear way out?


Bounces back and forth from one failed relationship to another, OR is not fulfilled by the relationship you’re currently in?


Bounces back and forth from one failed relationship to another, OR is not fulfilled by the relationship you’re currently in?

We get it. We’ve been there.
Don’t worry, you’re not as UNIQUE as you think you are!

One of our primary beliefs here at The Rising Man is that NO MAN is unique.
We are all experiencing the same and similar hardships, challenges, and adversities in our lives.
Sure, the story-lines may be different, but the themes are the same.
That’s why we place high VALUE and PRIORITY on letting me know they are not alone.
For us, we believe the first stage of healing and growth for men is RE-JOINING THE PACK…
and the first medicine is RELATABILITY.

What are The Fire Circles?

We created our FIRST community space back in 2018, 6 months after The Rising Man Podcast first dropped. It was obvious that men in our community were ready and eager to take the dialogue about manhood and masculinity to the NEXT level.


With our collective experience in men’s circles and communities over the years, it was obvious that we needed to create a space for the MEN of The Rising Man. Followers and Supporters of The Rising Man Movement frequently ask, “How do I start my own men’s circle?” and “Where can I find a men’s team in my area?”. This is our solution to BOTH of those questions.


Knowing that our Rising Man Leadership cannot lead EVERY men’s circle across the world, we’ve committed ourselves to the following:



1) To create a new wave of leaders in the men’s work space

2) To provide a safe space for men to receive the support they need to succeed in their lives

3) To foster brotherhood and life-long bonds, greater than most relationships we have with other men in the world

Why The Fire Circles Work?

As soon as men find themselves in a space with full confidentiality and no judgment, the truth is revealed and healing begins. We recognize that NONE of us are unique and that the challenges/struggles we’ve all been dealing with behind closed doors are EXACTLY the same as every other man, only with different details to the story.

 Emptying the Vessel

You become stronger EVERYWHERE else in your life when you have a place to share your fears, anxieties, and problems

Looking Into the Mirror of the Men

One of the GREATEST tools we provide is the mirror. It’s easy for all of us to believe our own BS, but a circle of men will help you see exactly where you’ve been lying to yourself. With honest feedback from men who have your best interest in mind, you will come to understand your challenges better and level-up faster than you ever could on your own

Shifting to Solution-Mode

We advocate a solution-oriented mindset around life’s challenges and support our men in discovering their OWN solutions. Whether it’s through an interview, direct feedback, or another one of our tools, you will begin to take action in your life instead of stewing in the problem

Leading Yourself and Others

We lead by preparing and training new leaders, which creates a space that becomes stronger by the day. Many men in our community have gone from attending their first men’s circle as beginners to LEADING and CAPTAINING in their circles



  • Want to have the accountability you’ve been missing your whole life
  • Want to connect with other men committed to growing and becoming the best men they can be
  • Want to be a part of an international, intercontinental movement of men choosing to lead lives of growth, service, and integrity
  • Are ready to get in the arena, once and for all, and start doing the “work” you’ve always heard about
  • Have only been listening to podcasts, reading books, and watching videos about what it means to be a man and how to become a better one…avoiding doing the actual work
  • Want to become the best husband, father, brother, business owner, athlete, communicator, LEADER that YOU can be

Join us as we dive into topics including:


Monthly Training Calls with Jeddy

Trainings & Tools from the Rising Man Leadership Team

Your VERY OWN Fire Circle Team

Hands-on Leadership Experience with Support from our Leadership Team

Bi-weekly Team Calls

Guest Speakers

High Level Accountability

**Exclusive Opportunities & Discounts for Rising Man Offerings**

Four Directions.
Four Seasons.

Every season, we rotate leadership and introduce new content. That means we provide content that pertains to the thematic and opportunities that each season offers. The Rising Man organizes our teachings and methodologies around the legacy of the Medicine Wheel. Many indigenous peoples have arranged their lives and traditions according to this ancient tool with four distinct stages and periods of life.


 A time of rebirth and emergence. In the Spring time, we focus our energy towards shaking off the winter hibernation and identifying what we want to build this year. Re-energizing, Strategizing, and Planting seeds for the next few seasons is what we’re up to in the Spring time.


The season of long days and short nights. Summer carries an energy and theme of hard work. During the Summer, we put our strategy from the Spring into action, and we tend to the garden we planted in the months prior. Execution, Accountability, and Integration are major themes for Summer time.


Harvest season. Fall is all about beginning to turn inwards. On the medicine wheel, Fall is the Western gate, where the sun begins to set, and we begin to prepare for long nights. Introspection, Gathering, and Preparation are themes of the Fall season.


Hibernation. Winter presents an opportunity for us all to SLOW DOWN! Pacing ourselves and doing what we need to make it through a long, cold winter. Reflection, Visioning, and Gratitude are major topics for the Winter.

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Are you ready to join other men JUST LIKE YOU who have found a way to RISE ABOVE life’s challenges and create a life of purpose and fulfillment?

Then the TIME IS NOW! No more waiting around for your life to change. Grab the bull by the horns and become the solution to all your problems.

Our WHOLE Rising Man Tribe – from top to bottom – is here to help you win. You will have a call nearly EVERY WEEK and round-the-clock support from your Fire Circle team to make sure you stay on track to become the man you want to be.

That’s what it takes to go NEXT LEVEL!

Membership Minimum Disclaimer:

*Memberships are a 3-month minimum*  We have carefully arranged this space to create MASSIVE results for the men who commit 100%. This is NOT a 1-month, taste-test kind of community…and you can only begin to get the full value after spending at least ONE full season with your men.


We believe in the value of what we’ve created, and we KNOW the results that happen when you step in, fully commit, and do the work. We are SO confident that if you have been doing the work for 3 months and DON’T see results, you can cancel your membership at ANYTIME after your 1st full season…no questions asked. 


If you give 100% effort in the first 3 months, this disclaimer is irrelevant. You WILL see your life shift tremendously, like so many of the men in our Fire Circles have already experienced, and you will never go back to lone-wolfing ever again.


We will hold you to the HIGHEST standard of performance.

We will NEVER sell you out or make you feel less then.

We will keep RAISING THE BAR so you never settle for where you’re at.

Because we KNOW you can identify your blind spots and be the solution to every problem in your life with our support. We won’t settle for less than your best. Failing is an option…quitting is not!

We commit to training you to hold yourself accountable, to lean way past your edges of comfort, and to take risks in service to what you care about most.

Join your team by the Fire Now



Do I have to be present on every call?

We request that you commit to being on time and present for every bi-weekly team call that you have. Teams schedule their call times according to what works for every man on their team, so scheduling conflicts should not become an issue. The monthly training sessions and Fire Councils with Jeddy, guest presenters, and other large group sessions are all recorded and available to you if they occur at a time that does not work for you.

What do I need to participate?

The Fire Circles are run entirely online. Internet and access to Zoom conferencing are just about all you will need. Teams create messenger threads in the platform of their choice (typically Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Marco Polo). So, if you have access to the internet, you are good to go!

How are The Fire Circles different from other men's circles?

There are many online men’s circles and communities popping up nowadays. What’s different in the Fire Circles is that we aren’t here to simply hold your hand and mouth-feed you all the concepts about masculinity, manhood, and being the man you want to be. We prepare you to hold yourself accountable, to lead other men, and to take risks in your life on your own merit. We don’t advocate any man doing life alone, but we do believe in strengthening our individual resolve to handle life’s challenges and find our own solutions with support from our circle. We also commit to being in the fire with you 100% of the way. None of our men are exempt from doing their work in this space, not even our leadership team. We also leverage the strength of masculinity to create elite-level accountability, strengthen commitments, and raise the collective standard of performance. You will be hard-pressed to find another online men’s circle that gives you SO MUCH for SO LITTLE.

What is the weekly time commitment?

Between your bi-weekly team calls, monthly training sessions, and other time for completing content and messaging with your team, you will spend roughly 2 hours per week. Some men report spending more time, simply because they love being in this space and seeking more opportunities to connect with other men. When you serve as your team’s Captain, you will be asked to attend an additional 90-minute call each month with Jeddy to strengthen your leadership and report on how your team is doing. As with everything else in life, you get what you put into it.

I haven’t done any men’s work yet, how do I know that the Fire Circles are right for me?

This is probably the BEST place to get your feet wet if you’re new to Men’s circles. We take you in based on where you’re at, with the primary focus being getting you in the space with other men you can begin building trust and relationship with. This is a go-at-your-own-pace type of community, so there is no reason to feel less than or ashamed for being new here. In fact, you will see GREATER results than some of the veterans here simply because you are stepping into something new for you. So, don’t worry. Take that courageous step and join us around the fire!

I don’t like being on technology more than I have to, is that a problem?

While our tech-required time is minimal, some men report having an aversion to being on technology daily. We get it. We don’t like to be on more than we have to. If you’ve made it this far and are reading the information on this page, you should be fine 😉

Still have questions?

Book a call with our team to learn more


This COMMUNITY is not for the feint of heart. You are stepping IN and stepping UP because the way your life is going is not working for you. It’s not easy to breakthrough all of the challenges and limiting beliefs we’ve carried throughout life… but we KNOW you can do it.

Trust that voice inside that keeps telling you that you are capable of more. 
Lean into that discomfort that has always held you back.
Push your boundaries beyond what you used to think was possible.

It’s time to RISE UP, brother!
We’ll save a seat for you around the fire…