Steven Benedict has mastered the champion mindset, developed during his time as a world class track and field athlete. The champion takes every experience and uses it for greater knowledge and growth. Healthy competition is inherently masculine. It’s shadow, comparison, leads to suffering. Listen in to learn how to walk this fine line with integrity. We also cover why we are our own biggest critics, how to have tough conversations, and why we need to take responsibility for the world around us.

Show Notes:

  • Why we can take responsibility even if we didn’t directly contribute to the problem
  • “Experiences in life are nothing more than another day of training to become a champion” – Steven Benedict
  • How is this experience making me better?
  • Why we are our own biggest critics
  • Why suppression is not a long term strategy for dealing with pain
  • How to navigate between self responsibility and asking for help
  • Every morning, we start with a clean slate
  • The difference between comparing and competing
  • How to use your voice with integrity and honor
  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid of tough conversations, especially around race and other charged topics.

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